A day at Sephora-the arriving

My first day at Sephora post detailed how to sign up for the classes and now for the grand finale: the day of the actual class.

I am actually going to preface the actual day information with what happened the day prior. I received a call from a woman who works at Sephora with a few preliminary questions. Unfortunately, I did not answer the call and just heard her message. I tried to call back but there was no answer. If I had any complaint that would be my only one and really not having Sephora answer the phone or discussing anything prior did not make a difference AT ALL in my experience the day of the class.

From what I can understand the phone call was merely to allow teachers/instructors in the class to grab products and have them at your work station. I took the liberty of taking a picture of my work station because I was never able to speak to a representative she pulled some items for me when I arrived but I noticed other stations and you can see them in the background have different products. IMG_1114

So the day arrives and they asked that we show up early for the class. It is supposed to begin at 9:00 and go to 11:00. As ever I am the early bird, so I show up at the time they specified which is 8:45. I can see the group of Sephora employees having a meeting so I try one of the closed doors and………………………………………………………….. it is locked AND they all look at the door. I felt a lot like prey being stalked as they all looked hungrily at the door so I walked away from the all glass exterior and stood off to the side because I am awkward and don’t want to invade their mysterious retail talk. Also I’m just nervous and kind of weird….

Eventually one of my friends shows up and they open the doors. We are ushered inside, asked our names and the process begins. Because the class we signed up for was skin IQ all of our questions were related to our skin issues and skin types and we wrote our names on a name sticker. Then we were placed in our seats which were pre-chosen and set up like the picture above. Our instructor/helper person went and collected products they thought we might like that treated or helped our skin concerns we talked about at the beginning of the class.

Now that is all the boring details. I could take you through all the rest of the boring details but I don’t think that’s necessary.

Suffice it to say the class was really fun, interesting and super informative. If you are a make up novice then the Sephora classes are a great way to learn and test products without having to purchase anything. I was really impressed with my instructor (because there were only 6 people in our class so that meant there were 2 people to one instructor which was awesome because we got a lot of one on one attention and they were very attentive).

Now I really just want to highlight the fun parts of my Sephora class. The lead Instructor taught us the stages of good skin care: cleansing, treating and moisturizing. During each stage we were shown a product that was modeled and used on another Sephora employee. I really liked that because it allowed me to see the proper way to apply the different skin regimens.

Like did you know when you put on eye cream you use your ring finger because it has one less tendon and so it will not apply the cream without as much pressure and that you just kinda dab it on. You don’t rub because the skin under your eyes is like tissue paper! WOW lots of info but seriously did you know that??????

I think my favorite part of the class (which also got a good laugh out of everyone including the instructors) was when we tested out face masks. My instructor recommended a mud mask by GlamGlo to help me treat my skin’s dullness. I lathered that stuff on and then felt a strong tingling (which was supposed to happen). Then I sat there while the lead instructor talked and I looked like a complete ding dong with my mud mask as it dried.

Let’s just say by the end of class the instructors knew who I was…………. My personal teacher told me I could wash off my face if I was uncomfortable but if we are being honest I kinda like being the goof ball and no one else wore such an obvious mask so I wore it till I absolutely had to wash it off for the next step in cleansing.


That’s me mid drying! 🙂

We tried lots of different products and if there was something we didn’t like they were more than willing to bring over more products to let us try. By the end of class my skin was seriously glowing and looked FREAKING AWESOME!!!!


I didn’t even feel like I needed any make up by the time we did all the steps to help take care of our skin! My skin looked fantastic and I felt fantastic!!

The class was well worth the early morning and the 2 hours. Honestly the time flew by. So if you don’t know how to do certain aspects of make up or you want to learn about skin you definitely need to sign up!! You won’t regret it!

Finally the instructors were not pushy with their products. Yes they brought us tons of stuff to try but they didn’t force us to purchase anything. In fact I left with 3 samples of BB and CC creams just because I wanted to test those out as alternative options to foundations! I didn’t buy anything but I fully plan on going back and purchasing the GlamGlo mud mask and cleansing oil and eye cream and well I think you get the idea here.

In the end they made me believe in the power of products to take care of your skin!

Music Mood-Puscifer-Potions because I finally took the plunge into Maynard’s side project and it was well worth it!




Metal….so metal

One of my friends made a playlist on Spotify that she shared with me and we have collaborated on it. It really takes me back to high school and middle school and I think some metal/hard rock purists might just be a little ashamed of some of the artists on the playlist but we don’t care.

You see that list is all about high school nostalgia for us. In its totally sappy, trying too hard to be hard rock rockiness, it plays up to my days of thick black eyeliner, baggy jnco jeans and equally baggy band shirts (particuarly) of the Korn variety. It’s that nostalgia that makes that playlist one of my personal favorites. It is bubblegum hard rock. It is easy listening when I don’t need to think too hard. I just pop it on, and I am taken to new heights and sometimes laughable moments from my teenage years.

So today I put that sucker on as I was hitting my work grind. Instantly, I am jamming out at my desk to Mudvayne and Disturbed and Chevelle and Korn and Linkin Park and Static-X and Stabbing Westward and Orgy.

On my ride home Marilyn Manson comes on the playlist. Someone who to me represents the epitome of my high school self. A person trying a bit too hard to be shocking….a person trying to prove how hardcore they are….yup that was totally me. I was TRYING to be the rebel. I mean seriously who else had their hair done all in braids like Head in Korn. Yea that was totally me. I wish I had pictures. I’m sure it looked ridiculous.

And oh yea I think I wore boys boxers under my super huge jnco jeans.

Really the power of that playlist is the opportunity to see myself again. We all have music in our collection that makes us feel a little like a poser. A little ashamed. Yea I know lyrics to a bunch of Backstreet Boys songs. So sue me 😉

I think the best thing about music from our childhood though is the ability for that music to help us see both forwards and backwards. I can see my life’s progression. I originally listened to these bands because I wanted to seem dark and deep and mysterious and cool and hardcore and rebellious (and I liked them too) but now my taste has developed.

Do I still treasure some of those bands? Absolutely! And I wouldn’t trade my love for them at that time of my life for anything but have I grown past them. You see those old songs are liked a security blanket or teddy bear from childhood. Something nice to smell and squeeze when you find it locked away in a box in the attic but also something that after you visit with you put back until the next time you need another trip down memory lane.

I challenge you to go back and listen to some of those bands, singers, musicians from your middle school and high school years. I guarantee you will enjoy it and if you are anything like my friend and I you will more than likely start listening to that playlist pretty often.

And if you care….here is that playlist that we made…it’s pretty sweet

Metal so Metal playlist

A day at Sephora-Signing up

IMG_1114In December, I was bored so naturally like any bored person I got lost in the internet. Now most of the time my internet boredom leads me to funny videos on youtube, most of those of the Jimmy Fallon ilk, but I had (at the time) recently decided to explore my love of makeup a little more deeply and thus began an internet foray into Sephora.

My internet makeup research really started as a venture into the benefits/differences between BirchBox and Ipsy (I ultimately decided to try out Ipsy, I’ll have a post about that later) but suffice it to say somehow I found a “10 things you didn’t know about Sephora” post.

Well what I learned from that post was exciting! Sephora has classes! FOR FREE! Yes, you read that correctly CLASSES FOR FREE (now one side note you do have to be a beauty insider to sign up for most of the classes but I have seen at least one class offered where you don’t have to be one)!

Now please contain your excitement. I’m going to tell you all about how to sign up, what my class was like and any other tidbits I can share. After this you will be signing yourself up for a local Sephora class guaranteed!

Here’s something I can say, if you are a makeup novice like me (funny that I should say that when above I proclaim to be a makeup lover but we all have to start somewhere) then I would recommend you read on as I detail my and my friends’ experiences at Sephora.

So first things first, how do I sign up for this totally cool and totally free experience with Sephora? Well that part is tricky.

After I read the post I found by randomly googling Sephora secrets or something weird like that, I went to http://www.sephora.com/ and managed to find (or if I’m being honest I think I may have clicked a link in the article) the part that said store locations, events and classes.

BTW let me digress for just one second. I have since gone back to the site and tried to sign up for more classes and Sephora makes it hard as hell to find what you need so you can sign up for more. So Sephora if you are listening, kindly change that, unless you are trying to be mysterious and secretive and in that case keep up the good work.

So yea, anywho, I’m on Sephora’s website and I’m in the proper place and I need to figure out how to sign up for classes. This is where they really make things difficult. To be honest I’m pretty sure that this is supposed to be a makeup gauntlet where only the chosen ones succeed and move on to the prize but I could be wrong. I could also just be an idiot….

I’m gonna do you all a solid and if you think you can make it through the gauntlet by yourself then do it but otherwise here’s a link to the page: http://www.sephora.com/store-locations-events?mediaId=16400021

Trust me when I say having the link doesn’t uncomplicate the process of signing up. Ok so now you are here and what do you do. Well the first thing I did was click beauty classes and I’m like ok I like this list. It tells you to enter your zip code so I’m thinking, sweet, this is easy. They really should make this harder so I don’t have to compete with everyone else who knows this exists.

I put in the information and then it pops up what stores are in my area. I see that the store I like has book a reservation button so I figure I just click that since it has beauty classes listed above it. Well it doesn’t actually allow you to book classes that way which is strange. So I go back and click the store. Now I don’t know what I was doing but I ended up clicking everywhere before I actually found what I needed to sign up. Now maybe I had issues because it was the beginning of the year and they had only one class in January and blah blah blah whatever but my friends shared that they had issues of their own as well.

Eventually I just clicked my store and then clicked beauty classes. When you are searching  you will find a list of available classes, click reserve beside the class you want and then, (and here is another strange thing I just don’t understand, it took me a minute to figure it out) you have to click that date on the calendar on the page and then click the time that pops up. So yea you have to remember the date so that you can click it on a calendar on the next page so that you can click a time so that you can finally click submit….

But wait there’s more…..

You then have to sign up by putting in your name, email address and phone number and then check an agreement box signing away your soul and then submit and then VOILA you are signed up for a beauty class with Sephora.

Whew! I’m worn out that felt like a lot and I’m not sure what I’ve signed myself up for. Will I have to buy everything in the store? Will they call me repeatedly because I gave them my number? Will they ask for my first born child? All these questions and more will be answered….later….hahah

Now go sign up for the make up gauntlet.

Oh and I can’t forget my music mood for this gauntlet-Future Proof by Massive Attack. I don’t know why this song fit my mood while I signed up for classes but it did damnit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzSmSwG29b0